South Boston

south boston

Explore South Boston

Traditionally a working class neighborhood, the improvements to Boston’s Harbor have allowed property values to skyrocket, and brought with it an influx of new residents. "Southie" retains its Irish charm, and is the place to be in Boston for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Best explored when the weather is warm, Southie's seaside location is a true city neighborhood, complete with paved paths for recreation.

Things To Do

  • “Castle Island,” a waterfront park with recreational biking, rollerblading, and walking paths.
  • Visit the JFK Museum.
  • Eat at the many eateries popping up around the area, including the much visited "Lincoln Tavern".


South Boston has access to the Redline, which can be used to easily navigate anywhere in the city. There are plenty of bus routes as well. The area is also different from many of the communities situated in the heart of Boston, as it is easily navigable by car.